Important Dates in Friedheim's History

1838 -Organization of Zion
  -Death of Pastor Hoover
  -Pastor Wyneken arrives at Zion
1841 -Wyneken leaves for Germany
  -Pastor Knape serves the vacancy
1842 -Second church building erected
1843 -Wyneken returns from Germany
1846 -Pastor Jaebker installed as first resident pastor
1847 -Organization of Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod
1852 -Third church building erected
1855 -First teacher, Mrs. Krisch, installed
1860 -First school building erected
1864 -Wyneken elected president of Missouri Synod
1877 -Pastor Meyer installed
1883 -Pastor Daib installed
1888 -Pastor Schlesselmann installed
1893 -Pastor Preuss installed
1903 -Present church building erected
1920 -Second classroom started
1921 -Tabea Society organized
1927 -Young People's Society organized
1935 -Pastor Werning installed
1938 -English services held every Sunday
1939 -Pastor Lueke installed
1943 -Pastor Schmidtke installed
1947 -Minutes of Voters' meetings recorded in English
1949 School building dedicated in honor of those who served in World War II
1951 -Pastor Fenner installed
1960 -Local LWML chapter organized
  -Sunday School organized
1967 -Pastor Brillinger installed
1969 -Organization of Wyneken school
1971 -Pastor Schulz installed
1972 -Pastor Camin installed
1978 -Pastor Reinhold installed
1980 -Pastor Hinkle installed
1983 -School building redecorated
1985 -German services discontinued
1987 -Pastor Dahling installed
1988 -Rededication of present church building
1993 -Women granted suffrage
1997 -Parsonage remodeled
1998 -160th anniversary