Zion-Friedheim Evangelical Lutheran Church

We welcome you to Friedheim to worship with us this morning.  If you are a visitor, please take a moment to sign one of our guest registries which are located in both entry ways.   Please worship with us again soon.
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Pentecost 11
August 27, 2000

+ In Nomine Jesu +

Order of Worship Page 32
Hymns TLH  #10; #316, v. 2; #657

The Theme of the Day

Bread from Heaven

Exodus 16:2-15  The Lord sends food from heaven  
Ephesians 4:17-24 Partakers of heavenly food live on a higher plane of  holiness
John 6:24-35 Jesus is living bread from heaven
The Children's Sermon

"Everything You wanted to know about the Bread of Life"
                                     John 6:27-35

1. Where?
2. What?
3. How?
4. Why?

The Acolyte

Matt Nidlinger



Parents, please encourage your children to come forward when called to hear the sermon geared especially to them.

We remember our members celebrating birthdays this week -- Jim Buuck, Alyssa Strickler, Marla Manley, Richard Buuck, Theresa Kock, and David  Mourey.  We also remember our Wyneken School Board, especially our Friedheim representatives, Jim Heckman, Kim Schamerloh, and Stan Stoppenhagen, in our prayers.  May the Lord continue to guide, direct, and bless their lives.

We extend our Christian sympathy to the family and friends of Esther Nuerge who was called to her heavenly home on Saturday, August 19, and was given Christian burial on Wednesday, August 23.  May the God of all comfort be with those who mourn.

May the Great Physician grant health and strength to all who are in need of His presence in their lives.   We especially remember Rosa Hartmann who is now in Adams County's Extended Care Unit (Room 207) and Jim Fuhrman who is a patient at Lutheran Hospital.

Dimitri Volkoganov once served as a general in the Soviet Army.  Near the end of his life, he became a Christian.  General Volkoganov's story is like that of the Apostle Paul.  There is still time for you to experience the joy of God's total forgiveness in Jesus Christ.  Hear Rev. Wallace Schulz's message, "It's Never   Too Late!" on the The Lutheran Hour.  The show airs on WOWO beginning at 7:35 a.m.  It's also on at 8:05 a.m. on 92.7 FM, and at  3:30 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. on 1090 on Sunday.  

Included in this morning's bulletin is a study guide ("Time in the Word") for this week.  Please take a few moments each day to go over this information.  The theme for this week is "Eat and Live!"  If you have any comments about this program, please contact pastor or one of the Elders.

Next Sunday, September 3, will be our last early-bird service of the year.  The first service will begin at 7:30 a.m. with the regular service starting at 9:00 a.m.  Holy communion will be celebrated at both services.

The lift in the Parish Hall is now operational.  The congregation is invited to come to the Parish Hall following the second service next Sunday, September 3. Demonstrations will be given on how to use the lift.  Light refreshments (provided by the AAL)  will also be served.

Payment for the new Cornfusion T-shirts are due today.  The shirts should be available by next Sunday.  Questions?  Contact Jane Thieme, Carol Selking, or Carma Conrad.

The Glenbrook Bazaar will be held on Friday and Saturday, September 8 and 9.  A sign-up sheet is in the south entrance way of the church.  Check your schedules and see when you will be able to help.  Set up will be Thursday night, September 7,  starting at 8:00 p.m.  (at Glenbrook).

The Bereavement Committee would like to thank all who donated food, cash, or time for the recent funerals.  Your assistance was appreciated.  Don't forget to pick up your dishes in the Parish Hall kitchen.

Staffing needs at the maze are ongoing.  Make sure you check your calendars and sign up on the sheets in either entrance way of the church to work at the maze.  You may also call someone on the Staffing Committee - Tim Blomenberg, Leesa Heckman, or Lester Werling.

The Foods Committee is asking for donations through October.  Coke and Pepsi products (especially Mountain Dew) as well as bottled water are  needed  along with hot dogs, hamburger, and nacho chips.  Cash donations are also being accepted.  You may bring your donations to church or contact any member of the Foods Committee - Dorothy Heckman, Denise Conrad, Mary Gallmeyer, or Tami Stoppenhagen.  They would be more than willing to pick up the items from you.  Thanks in advance for your help.

LYF ushers for September are Adam Buuck and Zac Lichtle.

College Students (and parents of college students):  Many have already made it to campus.  Please let Pastor or the church office know the college mailing address, phone number, and E-mail address.  You wouldn't want your student   to miss out on pastor's weekly message!

Council Members:  Minutes from the August 1, 2000 Council Meeting are in your slots in the entrance way of church.  Please pick up your copy as you leave the worship service today.  The next Council meeting will be held on Wednesday, September 6.  (The date has been changed as not to interfere with the "Back-to-School Night" at Wyneken on September 5.)

The Portals of Prayer have arrived.  Please pick up a copy this morning.

Wyneken News

Take a moment this morning to complete the survey concerning expansion at our school.  Please indicate which plan you prefer (A, B, or C).

You're invited to "Back-to-School Night" on Tuesday, September 5, at 7 p.m.  Take this opportunity to visit your child's classroom, ask questions, meet your child's teacher, and even visit the Scholastic Book Fair.

Market Day orders may be picked up on Tuesday, September 5, from 6:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. in the school cafeteria.

Beginning band will start the week of September 5.  If you have any questions concerning this program, please contact Jody Reed at 547-4393 (home) or 724-3353 (work).

Would you like to be a substitute cook at Wyneken?   If so, please contact Angie Werling at 547-4337.

Our school will once again collect Campbell's labels and Big G box tops.  These are redeemed for equipment and/or cash.  Thanks in advance for helping with this ongoing project.

SCRIP will be available after the worship service this morning.  There are certificates available for so many businesses.  For example, if you purchase your groceries at Gerber's (on 224 or on Winchester Road), Kroger, Mejier, Scott's, or even Gordon's Food Services, certificates are available.  If you have never used this program, why not buy your groceries this week with SCRIP and see how the program works.  See Kris Blomenberg  or Becky DeKoninck to make your purchases. 

Chapel offerings (August through October) will be used to help sponsor foreign reading programs. 

Would you like information passed along through E-mail?  You may receive the weekly parent note, as well as information on school activities and  classroom activities this way.  Just send in your home or work E-mail address to your child's teacher and then check if "you've got mail."

Coaches are still needed for boys' soccer.  If you can help out, please call Dave Miller, our new athletic director, at 639-6480.

The Athletic Boosters are again requesting donations of pop (Pepsi products sell especially well).  You may leave your donations in the hallway outside the cafeteria.  Be sure to indicate that this donation is for the Athletic Boosters.  Help is also needed with concessions during the volleyball and soccer seasons.  There is a sign-up sheet on the bulletin board outside the school office for you to pick a time to work.

ATTENDANCE:  Sunday Worship Service - 220 with 123 receiving Holy Communion; Monday Evening Bible Class - NA


Amount Received

Amount Needed

Home Purpose




$201.00  $346.15

YTD Received

YTD Needed
Home Purpose $153,584.73  $170,152.58
Missions $10,818.24  $11,769.10



9:00 A.M. Worship Service
(Wyneken School Expansion survey will be taken.)
Noon - 6 P.M. Cornfusion Open
MONDAY 7:00 P.M.

Adult Bible Class

TUESDAY 9:00 A.M. Morning Glories
SATURDAY Noon - Dusk  Cornfusion Open

5:30 P.M. Buuck/Reed Wedding


September 3 7:30 A.M. Worship Service with Holy Communion


9:00 A.M. Worship Service with Holy Communion
Noon - 6 P.M. Cornfusion Open
September 4 Noon - 6 P.M. Cornfusion Open
September 5  7:00 P.M. Back to School Night @ Wyneken
September 6 7:00 P.M. Choir
7:00 P.M. Elders Meeting
7:30 P.M. Trustees/Board of Finance/Vision 2000 Meetings
8:00 P.M. Council Meeting
September 7 9:00 A.M. LWML Bible Class 
8:00 P.M. Set-up for Glenbrook Bazaar
September 8  9 AM - 9 PM  Glenbrook Bazaar
September 9 9 AM - 9 PM  Glenbrook Bazaar
Noon - Dusk Cornfusion Open
8 PM - 11 PM  Starlight Maze

The Lutheran Hymnal midi files copyright 1998 Rev. Richard Jordan, used by permission